martes, noviembre 10, 2015

Dominican Republic's historian: "Clintons own Haiti's economy"


I'm pretty sure the MSN will be all over this story soon, right?

'Lawyer Euclides Gutierrez Felix, who is the country's Superintendent of Insurance but was speaking in his role as a historian, believes that relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti will worsen if former US Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton wins the US election.  

Quoted in Hoy newspaper, Felix claims that the Clintons own Haiti's economy. Gutierrez, who is a leading member of the ruling PLD, said that the Clintons are the owners of Haiti's main telecom company, after making an investment of US$90 million. He said that everyone in Haiti has a cellphone and that Bill Clinton himself handled more than US$1 billion related to Haiti. "But Hillary Clinton's brother has the franchise for the goldmine on the island between Restauracion, the border and part of Haiti," he said.'

As soon as the media stops caring about Dr. Ben Carson West Point scholarship they might want to check this sources and see if what the Clintons have been doing in their Caribbean plantation.

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